Overview of the Fourth Regional Plan


Spring 2013

To be released

Fall 2017


With the right strategies and political will, the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan area could be a place that fulfills its promise of equal opportunity; a coastal region that shows the rest of the world how to adapt and prosper in an age of rising seas and temperatures; and a global hub that harnesses its immense resources and innovative talent to make this fast-paced, expensive metropolis an easier, healthier and more affordable place to live and work.


RPA is now developing the recommendations to make this vision a reality. To learn more about the plan, please visit rpa.org/fourth-plan.

Based on these recommendations, the principal design challenges to be addressed in this initiative include, but are not limited to:



Creating new models for mixed-use including new forms of live-work.


Achieving new levels of integration of the built and natural landscapes that go beyond site-by-site “green infrastructure” details to enable the restoration of environmental system services and habitat protection.


Acknowledging places in transition and incorporating long-term adaptation into design proposals.


Model sustainable community designs that account for climate change impacts including long-term adaptation to sea level rise, resilience to storm surge and reduction of urban heat island.


Demonstrating new ways of designing multi-purpose infrastructure.


Retrofitting and reinventing a range of suburban typologies that are currently underutilized, including office and industrial parks, shopping centers, commercial strips and institutional campuses.


Demonstrating new ways of accommodating population growth in established centers and neighborhoods that promote health, equity and opportunity.