Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The submission criteria for the 4RP design competition states that a firm can only submit for one RFQ submission. Does this mean a firm can only be the lead for one submission?
A: Yes, a firm can be part of multiple teams, however the lead firm can only be on one RFQ.

Q: Can teams include members from different firms?  
A: Teams can include members from different firms, but a firm must be identified as the lead firm.

Q: Must the whole team attend the workshops or could it be one member at a time rotating?
A: The idea is to have a collaborative process –where teams interact with each other and also meet with different community groups and relevant stakeholders in the region.  Frequent meetings around the region are encouraged and participation in the 4 monthly workshops is mandatory.

Q: Are traveling the traveling expenses to NYC workshops covered by the competition, in case the proposal is among the four?
A:Travel expenses to NYC are not covered by the competition, you are responsible for covering your own costs. However, there is a stipend prize for the four selected teams.

Q: Can you clarify whether the two specific sites that selected design teams will elaborate upon must be drawn from those listed in the workbook? Or are those sites shown in the workbook simply representative, and teams will have the opportunity to select other sites from within their assigned corridor?
A:Yes, they should be drawn from those listed in the workbook. However, teams can choose to demonstrate how their solutions are applicable and transferrable to other sites within a corridor.

Q: The website lists a limit of 40 pages for the portfolio component.  Are these (40) 8.5x11 pages or (40) 11x17 pages?  Is there a specific size/format that you prefer we utilize for the submission?
A: The limit is 40 pages. And the file must be a single PDF and not exceed 50MB. It will be viewed mostly digitally, and potentially printed onto 8.5 x 11 paper, but the specific orientation and format is up to the submitter.

Q: Is there an orientation for the portfolio pages, vertical or horizontal 8.5 x 11?
A: Either

Q: Is the jury reviewing these digitally, or printed out?
A: They will be reviewing in both formats.